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In-store retail displays play a crucial role in driving sales. Window displays alone influence 24% of purchases, And that’s before shoppers walk into your store: Imagine the impact of displays once they’re inside?

A4 Strutt Board


“The brand is the aspiration the customer wants to buy; it’s the story behind a company that the millennium consumer is interested in. The company values are integral to every purchase decision" explains Nicola Ball.


Our storytelling A4 Stutt boards tell the consumer at a glance all the points of interest and already sets the consumer into the right positioning even before anything is said.

Another consideration is presenting the brand in the smallest area within a retail environment; whilst still displaying a large range of products. Maximising these challenging spaces is key, distilling the feeling of a brand into a few simple material choices and limited messaging is something that we have years of experience in. We feel we have captured the contemporary and minimalistic feel of the brand in our display items. White high gloss blocks and sumptuous gold logo give the brand its luxury edge. 

Branded Display Blocks


50 x A5 Handout Cards


Get yourself our A5 Handout cards to capture the imagination of your customers. Use them in-store to draw attention to the products, to generate sales, or at events and shows. Many of our long term stockists include these in a pack at the time the bride makes her gown purchase to encourage and remind her that they have accessories covered. After all, lets secure those sales before brides go off shopping elsewhere!

Window displays alone influence 24% of purchases, and that’s before shoppers walk into your store. Imagine the impact of displays once they’re inside? Our branded window stickers show brides that you are a valued supplier and that you have all the best brands inside your store!

Window Stickers


Luxury Display Kit


Sometimes it's just nice to have the whole kit to give you that decadent feel. Our luxury display pack does just that giving you a luxury department store feel.


TIP: One common mistake that retailers make is creating a one-dimensional display that lacks depth and height, a couple of the most important characteristics for appealing visuals. Whether it’s monochromatic or features products of the same height, this in-store display mistake could make your products and your store appear dull and boring.

Website badges are an often unsung element of modern marketing. Using them gives you the opportunity to both take advantage of endorsements and increase your site’s traffic to boot. They’re both simple to implement and offer a number of clear benefits – so they should definitely form part of your current marketing strategy.

We have made it simple for you to use our Official Supplier Badge on your website. Simply download this piece of coding and get your web designer to insert it onto your site and that's it! Let us know once your website shows the badge and we will add you to our official supplier list. Oh, and it's FREE!

Hers's the code you need to place on your website:

<a href="https://www.haloandco.com"><img src="https://res.cloudinary.com/lmwflqo0s/image/upload/v1588582364/Logo%20Badge/halo.supplier.badge-1.5cmx1.5cm.jpg" alt="Visit Halo & Co" title="Visit Halo&Co"></a>

Official Supplier Badge



Illuminate every detail

The importance of lighting is huge and over the years we have tried it all! Using LEDs is the best solution we think to get the maximum sparkle and shine.  LED lighting can offer a lot of shades of white that can help certain pieces of jewellery become more appealing. For example, if you use that type of LED that can provide a cooler white, your jewellery items, especially those which have crystals,  become more dazzling.

Using LED lighting is the best solution not only for the fact that it can increase the appeal of your jewellery, but also because they are versatile and, at the same time, cost-efficient. It is a fact that LEDs use up to 80 percent less electricity and in contrast to the earlier versions, they are more efficient and more suitable for overhead lighting.

Whats more LED battery lights are readily available from most electrical retailers and are quick and easy to install yourself. So there really is no excuse not to light up your Halo's!









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