The process

"It's what goes into each product that matters"

For over two decades we have been making headpieces and jewelry continuously. Won numerous awards. Worked with celebrities, VIP and even Royalty! 


The cornerstone of our business is us being a family-owned business. Between us, we have worked in the jewelry industry for 3 decades.


Our combined hands-on knowledge is irreplaceable and adds a unique quality and craft to each of our pieces.


We are 100% dedicated to keeping our products made in Britain by our trained team of artisans.

It can take up to 8 weeks from start to finish to make some of our pieces and involves well over 200 individual operations. It's what goes into a Halo & Co product that counts.


The meticulous attention to detail and the fact that our small team touches every bead, pearl, sequin, and fillagree that is used. This attention to detail stands us above the competition.


Every process is done in-house from metalwork, polishing, gem, and hand-setting of each stone before each item is carefully inspected before it leaves us so and our quality is guaranteed.

What starts as just an idea, a concept, an inspiration, with carefully sourced raw materials gem by gem, link by link, it becomes a piece that you can treasure forever.


Our tried and tested processes are individual to us. Some may try and replicate what we do but fail to be a comparison.


We are proud to be able to offer you unrivaled designs and products.


It's all these little thoughts and attention that make our products unique and second to none. We scour the globe searing for the finest material to use in our work. From Hand blown glass beads from Italy to Swarovski crystals our choices for you are the very best.

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“Traditional craftsmanship and techniques are vital but it’s how we choose to reinvent and use these that’s the magic. We use these concepts and ideas to challenge luxury conventions always looking for our own way and approach” explains Nicola Ball


The label is visually exciting, captivating yet commercially astute. The brands greatest attribute is always talking to customers to find out how they feel in the products. A sense of confidence, happiness, love, and joy is something we want to share to everyone by the way of our art, jewelry.

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